Student collecting data in a pond


The Surface Processes Research Group (SPRG) is looking for enthusiastic scholars to join our research team as a funded MSc candidate in Fall 2020.  In particular, individuals driven by curiosity and a keen sense for understanding the processes that shape the world around us through a geoscience lens.

  • Potential graduate or senior undergraduates interested in how fluvial geomorphology and ecohydrology intersect within the context of disturbed systems (e.g., land use land change, climate variability, pre & post disasters or extreme events) are encouraged to get in touch via email if you have any questions or would like to discuss the topics listed on the SPRG Projects page.

GEOG*4990 – Independent Research Project Opportunities for Undergraduate Students in a Geography Major

  1.  Ephemeral sediment traps in a changing watershed:
    •  Investigate the literature on urban and developing watersheds looking at sediment sinks and sediment budget analysis (e.g., beaver & storm ponds)
    •  Some field work and mostly a literature review
  2. Open channel hydraulic modeling and stream restoration
    • How does the current literature and related models address low-order streams with respect to habitat suitability?
    •  Literature review, opportunities to work with some data and potentially assist with some winter field work
  3. Potentially anything related the graduate opportunities posted online

Applying for Graduate studies in Geography, Environment and Geomatics at Guelph.